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Direct Truck shipment
YES, you can get on our nutritional program even if you’re a distance from us.
We have some great freight rates for our customers who are too far away and cannot pickup feed or be serviced by our delivery trucks. Our trucks service most of Indiana, and large parts of Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Iowa. For those out of our service area (whose order cannot go UPS), we have secured discounted freight rates by Trucking Companies for Common Carrier Shipment. The rates for Common Carrier (LTL) shipments are quite a bit less than shipping bags of feed by UPS. We have had several occasions where a customer wanted to order just Topline & Show Pro, thinking they couldn’t afford UPS shipping on Show Feed. We were able to ship them 50 bags of product for less money than the UPS bill would have been on just the few bags of Show Feed Additives.

EXAMPLE 1: With our Common Carrier Freight Companies we have service to several Midwestern States and we have contracts for flat rates on pallets. This rate is for up to 2500 lbs; = 50 bags of feed on one pallet. This is a flat rate per pallet, you do not have to take 50 bags. However the rate is the same from 1 to 50 bags– so take advantage of the ‘pallet rate. These rates are about $1.50 to $2.00 per bag. Compare this cost of single bags going UPS at $20.00 to $40.00 per bag.

on 50 bag pallets

1 pallet

2 to 4 pallets

5+ pallets

Indiana (via Estes / UPS Freight)
$57-$92 $45-$89.50 $40-$86.50
Indiana (via Standard Forwarding*) $91 $88 $85
Illinois (via Estes / UPS Freight) $92 $89.50 $86.50
Illinois (via Standard Forwarding*) $96 $93 $90

Ohio (via Estes / UPS Freight)




Kentucky (via Estes)




Tennessee (via Estes) $105 $95 $95

Wisconsin (via Standard Forwarding)




Wisconsin (Madison/Milwaukee via UPS Freight) $92 $89.50 $86.50
Wisconsin (Appleton via UPS Freight) $113 $104.50 $96.50
Michigan (some areas via Standard Forwarding) $91 $88 $85
Michigan (via Estes) $121 $105 $105
Michigan - Upper Pen. (via N&M Transfer) $111 $99 $99
Missouri (via Estes) $158 $147 $147
Missouri (some areas via Standard Forwarding) $101 $101 $101

Iowa (via Estes)




Iowa (some area via UPS Freight) $135 $124.50 $114.50

Iowa (via Standard Forwarding**)




Minnesota (via Standard Forwarding*)




Minnesota (via N&M Transfer) $111 $99 $91

Kansas (some areas via UPS Freight)




Nebraska (Omaha Area via UPS Freight)




Nebraska (Omaha Area via Standard Forwarding) $101 $98 $95
Wyoming (some areas via Standard Forwarding) $193 $193 $193
Colorado (some areas via Standard Forwarding) $128 $128 $128
Texas (via Estes / UPS Freight) $258 $241 $222.50
Pennsylvania (some areas via UPS Freight) $215 $206 $197.50
Pennsylvania (via Estes)
New York (some areas via UPS Freight) $215 $206 $197.50
New York (some areas via Standard Forwarding) $193 $193 $193
New Jersey (some areas via Standard Forwarding) $193 $193 $193
New Jersey (some areas via UPS Freight) $168.50 $161.50 $154.50
Oklahoma (some areas via UPS Freight) $215 $172.50 $153.50
North Carolina (via Estes) $173 $163 $163
South Carolina (via Estes) $173 $163 $163
Virginia (via Estes) $173 $163 $163

Other States

Call for rates; we are continually adding carriers to service areas competitively.

Note: Freight rates subject to change without notice; and do not include any fuel surcharges.

* In Illinois Standard Forwarding covers all of the state except for southern Illinois.

** Most of Iowa and Minnesota are served by Standard Forwarding Trucking Company. Call for details.

*** Standard Forwarding services a 20 mile radius of Omaha. They allow pick up at the Omaha Terminal pickup.

**** Standard Forwarding services most of Wisconsin; these rates only apply to those areas.

*****We can ship Fed-Ex Freight, UPS Freight and thru other carriers to all states. Call for details.  Central Transport can service all states, please call with the zip code to make sure they service your area.

MS, AR, OK, NM, LA, TX, MEX and parts of TN serviced by Southwestern Motor Freight. Call for details.
Call for Indiana Intra-Terminal rates through Estes and UPS Freight. Prices start as low as $50.00 per pallet dependent upon zip code.
Note: Freight rates subject to change without notice and do not include any fuel surcharges.

EXAMPLE 2: Shipment in areas serviced by our trucks (IN, IL, IA, MI, & OH) is priced per ton, with a minimum. Typically these rates are $25–45 per ton. Call for an exact freight rate. We also have dealers in these states; who have an inventory – call us for the location of your nearest dealer.

EXAMPLE 3: UPS and UPS Hundred-weight Program works well for those feed orders of 4-5 bags or less. Our ‘on-line’ UPS rate program automatically calculates these rates. Somewhere around the 4 to 5 bag feed order it is less expensive to ship Common Carrier, because of their flat dollar rate per pallet.

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